Teacher Workshops

If you are considering using Engraving Heavenly Truths in your Bible classes, we strongly recommend a teacher workshop. The EHT approach to teaching the Bible is unique in both classroom methods and organization of the entire teaching program. For the curriculum to be most effective, it should be used as designed, which includes specific organization of teachers and teacher training. A typical workshop schedule is shown below. Contact us for more information.
Session One
The need for a different approach in teaching the Bible
The Engraving Heavenly Truths approach
Four essential elements of an effective Bible class program
Session Two
Using Engraving Heavenly Truths in the Bible class and in the home
Session Three
Using Engraving Heavenly Truths (continued)
Sequence of Study
The Teacher Training Class
Women’s Session
Teaching non-readers and using visual aids with Engraving Heavenly Truths
Men’s Session
Teaching pre-teens, teens and adults with Engraving Heavenly Truths
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