Design of the Course
The four year Engraving Heavenly Truths course takes the student through the Bible several times. The sixteen quarters of study are:
The entire course is designed to be repeated at the end of the
four year series.  As the students grow older, they progress to deeper study.
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EHT-1  Survey of the Old Testament
EHT-2  Survey of the New Testament
EHT-3  The Devil, Sin, and Hell
EHT-4  Jesus the Christ
EHT-5  Old Testament Book by Book
EHT-6  New Testament Book by Book
EHT-7  The Church
EHT-8  The Book of Acts
EHT-9  Old Testament Geography
EHT-10  New Testament Geography
EHT-11  Miracles
EHT-12  God’s Plan for the Home
EHT-13  Men and Women of the Old Testament
EHT-14  Men and Women of the New Testament
EHT-15  The Parables of Jesus
EHT-16  Faith, Hope, and Charity
Materials Needed in Each Class
  1. One teacher’s manual
  2. One set of large flash cards
  3. One set of mini-cards for each student
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