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If your congregation is looking for an effective Bible class curriuculum you have come to the right place. The Engraving Heavenly Truths system has been in circulation for over 40 years with a proven track record of positive results. 

What is Engraving Heavenly Truths

Engraving Heavenly Truths is a 4 year Bible school curriculum that, at its heart, is designed to encourage the return of the family element within Bible study. When used as designed and families study together, Bible study becomes a "Family Project."

Engraving Heavenly Truths can help make the Bible classroom come to life. With the flash card based systems students become part of the class instead of being only observers. Telling the story of the Bible accounts engages young minds and encourages interaction

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“In a time when elders, parents, and teachers in the Lord’s church are faced with the difficulty of finding Bible-based, textual-centered, sound, attractive class literature, I feel very privileged to commend to you Engraving Heavenly Truths. It is well-written and is designed to familiarize the student with ‘the whole counsel of God.’ I recommend it unreservedly.” Curtis A. Cates, Director Emeritus, Memphis School of Preaching, Memphis, Tennessee

​“The Engraving Heavenly Truths curriculum is the perfect curriculum for such a time as this - a time when there is a deplorable lack of basic Bible knowledge. The EHT curriculum saturates the student’s mind with basic Bible facts, from Old Testament to New Testament! Merely knowing Bible facts is not enough, but one cannot make application of the Bible without first knowing the Bible. It ought to be considered by every congregation that wants its children and members to be grounded in the basic facts of the Bible!” B. J. Clarke, Evangelist, Southaven Church of Christ Southaven, Mississippi


Let's Get Acquainted With The System

Year One

Surveys of Old and New Testament to Jesus The Christ

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Year Two

Book by Book of the Testaments to The Book of Acts

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Year Three

Geography of the Old and New Testaments to God's Plan For The Home

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Year Four

People of the Old and New Testaments through Faith Hope and Charity

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